Low Rise Lift 7000TL

7000TL Series Features:
  • 7,000 lbs. capacity
  • Drive-over ramps and side rails provide the width to support wider vehicles while approaching and exiting the lift
  • Dual lifting cylinders provide the power required to lift a 7,000 lbs. vehicle
  • The 7000TL comes with four 3" rubber blocks and four 1-1/2" rubber blocks
Low Rise Lift 7000TL

The 7000TL comes with four 3-position adapters, four rubber blocks, and four 1-1/2" rubber blocks for added height.

Block Adapters
Rubber Blocks

Specifications 7000TL
Capacity 7,000 lbs. (3175kg)
Length Overall 90-1/2" (2299mm)
Width Overall 78-1/2" (1994mm)
Width Between Platforms 22-3/4" (578mm)
Length of Platforms 51-1/4" (1301mm)
Length of Pad 17" (7239mm)
Outside Width of Platforms 70-3/4" (432mm)
Horizontal Movement (during rise) 16" (406mm)
Collapsed Heigh 4" (102mm)
Locking Leg Heights 13-3/8" (340mm), 17-3/8" (441mm), 21-3/8" (543mm)
Voltage* 115v
Time of Full Rise 40 seconds
Rise Tall Pad 24-3/4" (627mm)
Rise Short Pad 23-1/4" (591mm)
Rise Flat 21-3/4" (552mm)
* single phase standard; 3-phase available at additional cost
(Specifications subject to change without notice or liability)

The 7000TL lift is certified by ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) to meet American National Standard