Heavy Duty Lift FCH4

FCH4 Series Features:
  • Automatic steering system
  • Quick connect cables
  • Battery operated with full internal charger
  • Fork lift pockets for easier movement
  • Multiple locking positions
  • Usable on any concrete surface
  • Fixed forks will fit most large truck tires without adjustment
Heavy Duty Lift FCH4

FCH4 Accessories:

Reducer Sleves:
Steel reducer sleeves slide onto the forks to allow proper contact with smaller radius tires. (14" to 20" tires)

LED Lighting:
High-efficiency LED lighting with convenient, single touch operation at the control panel provides hands-free lighting under the vehicle. FCH4 LED Lighting

Optional Weight Guage
Gauges approximate the weight being lifted by one column - turning pressure into weight.

Large Wheel Riser Kit
Larger tires are raised on ramps to allow for proper fork placement.

Jack Stands
Available in 18,000 and 33,000 lbs. capacities with spring loaded caster wheels for easy positioning and portability
Forward Lift Jack Stands style=

Capacity (lbs.)
70" (1778mm)
Lifting Cycles
12-14 per charge
Column Width
45.5" (1156mm)
Column Height
102" (2590mm)
Height At Full Stroke
144.75" (4464mm)
Clearance From Fork To Column
102" (2590mm)
Speed of Rise
78 seconds
Charging voltage
110v-240v/50/60Hz charger*
Battery Type
NG-24 to 27 **
(Specifications subject to change without notice or liability)
*Call factory for alternate voltage
**Batteries not included-requires 2 per column